9 O clock start. Boards and clips out.  Benches checked.  Flags set up.  Last minute sweep.  Then the English boys arrived.  Brian Kelly, Colin Rose, Rob Harrison, Carl Henson, Rod Harding.

A quick tour of the Midlands facilities from the 50m to the 1200m ranges then it was time to get some practice in.  Wind in the Midlands is always quite tricky but the lads coped with it very well with Mr Kelly putting in a couple of good cards.  Saturday morning back on the range greeted by both nations flags flying side by side on a bright start to the day.  Final preparations done for International Sporter and Light Varmint. Lane draws and details posted.  First shots 10:00.  Again wind conditions very changeable with a lot of shooters getting caught out with big lifts at the berm and drops in front of the tables.

Brian Kelly(GB) shot a very impressive sporter card for 1st  place Colin Rose (GB) took 2nd and Paul Cassidy (IRE) took 3rd  place and had to be decided on count back this competition was shaping up to be a close one.  José Gallardo(IRE) led the way in LV with Ron Harding (GB) 2nd  with John O'Sullivan(IRE) 3rd .  We were starting to see an even spread of the spoils and with the conditions continually changing HV was really open.

Sunday morning started a little duller, Wind a little more settled and at 9:55 shooters called to the line. 10:00 detail one HV 30 minutes call at 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute, commence fire.  Wind continued to stay somewhat settled but with quick direction changes catching a lot of us out there was a mix and match of scores recorded.

15 minute change over of ranges flags and benches.  Card two and with wind strength building,  points were being dropped time up.   Another change over and get ready for card three.  Mental tot up of scores coming in this was going to be close.  Wind blowing over the flags it was also going to be a tough detail.

Shooters to the benches for the last time, commence fire 30 minutes later it's all done bar the crying.  Scores all in checked and verified result sheet printed.

HV 1st place Kieran PC Murphy, 2nd place José Gallardo, 3rd place Brian Kelly.

Team event Result

3rd                                                        Ireland 2

2nd                                                        England 1

1st holders of the Challenge Cup        Ireland 1

Well done to the Irish squad.

I would like to thank all involved John Paul Craven, Jim Griffin, Tony Saunders for all their help and hard work to ensure the weekend went well.

Our two target stewarts, I think all shooters at the event will agree that it's the way forward.

Kieran PC Murphy for sandwiches and Anthony O’Shea for the lovely venison burgers.

I would like to thank team GB it takes a lot to take the time out to travel to such events, not to mention cost.  I’m glad you enjoyed your stay and the shooting with plans already in making for the return rally.  I look forward to meeting up again it has been a pleasure having you all visit us. 

This is a brand new event on the Benchrest calendar, next year it will be held in England we will be looking for shooters to compete and bring home the cup.

Any shooters with an interest in this event or any other internationals please contact our secretary Mr John O'Sullivan.

Time for registration of interest for the European Championship is closing soon please contact John as soon as possible.

My thanks to all shooters.  I hope that you all enjoyed yourself.

Robert Rafter

Chairman NRBAI